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No one is immune. Not even the creatives. Netflixusers have spent 500 million hours watching Adam Sandler content, so it isn’t far-fetched to imagine its programming algorithm devising an art house film starring Sandler . Why do we need producers? Why is a monster like Harvey Weinstein even necessary in a near future where software determines what we want to watch and automagically gives us more of it? What would be Weinstein’s role in that, besides grabbing people and running up massive legal and travel bills for the studio?

People have never felt more ill at ease about their own reason for existing. This is manifesting itself in the trillions of dollars being thrown at Facebook, Google, Uber, Nvidia, Apple, Amazon, Alibaba. Yes, these companies create jobs, but they are different jobs that the people being displaced mostly can’t get. When 10,000 sweater-folding department store workers are laid off in fifty different cities on a Friday, it’s not like they can all relocate to Seattle and begin building mobile user interfaces for Amazon the next Monday morning.

Professor Scott Galloway, an expert on the technology giants that now dominate every facet of the economy and our lives:

“Uber only has a few thousand employees, and they’re very technically literate. Uber has figured out a way to isolate the lords (4,000 employees) from the serfs (2 million drivers), who average $7.75/hour, so its 4,000 employees can carve up $70 billion vs 2 million on an hourly wage. So, Uber has said to the global workforce, in hushed but clear tones: ‘Thanks, and f*** you.’”

Michael Batnick frames this as the price of progress , which is becoming a full blown crisis. We have no answers for this yet. He is hopeful that we come up with some. It’s happening a lot faster than we can adjust to it, even if it’s all eventually for our benefit (and what sort of capitalist would be caught dead arguing otherwise?).

The anarchists in Vonnegut’s book have paid the price of progress. They worry about their sons committing suicide when their IQ test results sort them out for a lifetime of roadwork rather than an invitation into the upper echelon of managers and engineers. They write a letter explaining the destruction they’re about to unleash as payback for all of the “progress” that’s been inflicted on them…

“I deny that there is any natural or divine law requiring that machines, efficiency, and organization should forever increase in scope, power, and complexity. I see these now, rather, as the result of a dangerous lack of law. The time has come to stop the lawlessness.

“Without regard for the wishes of men, any machines or techniques or forms of organization that can economically replace men do replace men. Replacement is not necessarily bad, but to do it without regard for the wishes of men is lawlessness.

Without regard for the changes in human life patterns that may result, new machines, new forms of organization, new ways of increasing efficiency, are constantly being introduced. To do this without regard for the effects on life patterns is lawlessness.

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discutible (lang: sp)
Es un caso discutible
that's open to question
Es un asunto discutible.
That is a matter of dispute.
Hace usted incluso una afirmación muy discutible.
You even make a very questionable assertion.
El resultado de REACH puede ser discutible.
The result of REACH can be debated.
Muy discutible es también el momento elegido.
The timing of this is also highly questionable.
Pero la subsidiariedad es algo perfectamente discutible.
However, subsidiarity allows of some splendid arguments.
Esto fue discutible durante muchos años.
That had been disputed for many years.
Señor Presidente, el orden decidido para las votaciones es discutible.
Mr President, I would like to question the order decided upon for the votes.
En efecto, este plan es discutido y discutible.
This plan is, indeed, disputed and disputable.
Sin embargo, la formulación aplicada ha resultado ser muy discutible.
However, the current formulation has turned out very dubious.
Ambas empresas reciben ayudas estatales cuya legitimidad es discutible.
Both companies benefit from state aid of a debatable legitimacy.
La rentabilidad financiera de esta operación también es bastante discutible.
The financial efficiency of this operation is also highly questionable.
La legitimidad de ambos demandantes a la presidencia es discutible.
The legitimacy of both claimants to the presidency is in dispute.
Sin embargo, este texto nos parece discutible en algunos puntos.
Nonetheless, there are certain points on which we take issue with this text.
Ahora bien, ¿cuál es el único aspecto discutible?
So what is the single point of controversy?
Además, también es discutible que esto sea siquiera posible sin una modificación de los Tratados.
Indeed, it is debatable whether this could be carried through at all without amending the Treaty.
Parte del principio de que los fondos públicos no pueden incrementarse, lo cual es discutible.
It is based on the principle that public funds cannot be increased, which is a moot point.
El resultado del método aplicado es especialmente discutible en el caso de los metales.
Particularly with regard to metals, the outcome of the method applied can be called into question.
Pero eso no basta, es incluso discutible desde el punto de vista jurídico.
This, however, is not enough and is even questionable from a legal point of view.
Las respuestas occidentales, que he visto hasta ahora, a la discutible reelección de Mugabe crean esa expectación.
Those Western reactions to Mugabe's disputable re-election which I have noted to date elicit this expectation.
Este no es en absoluto el aspecto discutible de la presente recomendación.
That is not at all what is controversial about this recommendation.
También la oposición del ponente a la introducción de tamaños mínimos de desembarque me parece discutible.
The objections brought by the rapporteur to the introduction of minimum landing sizes are also debateable.
No se trata de una simple frontera, cuya mera conveniencia sería discutible.
This is not simply a border that is questionable only in its appropriateness.
Es discutible que la propuesta vaya a tener beneficios ambientales que merezcan la pena.
It is questionable whether the proposal will have any environmental benefit worth mentioning.
Eso no es de nuestra competencia y decirlo nos coloca en una posición legalmente discutible.
This does not fall within our competences and to say it does puts us in a legally dubious position.
Incluso en los Países Bajos, el debate sobre las patentes de programas informáticos es discutible.
Even in the Netherlands, the debate about software patents is dubious.
Pienso que el primer ejercicio es el bueno, mientras que el segundo es mucho más discutible.
I believe that the first approach is the right one, while the second approach is far more questionable.
Segundo, en cuanto al etiquetado, siempre ha sido discutible si bastaría con el etiquetado.
Secondly, on labelling, it was always debatable whether labelling would be enough.
La razón es que la experiencia con este tipo de acuerdos es sumamente discutible.
The reason is that experience of this type of agreement is highly dubious.
El tema de un aumento adicional de la cuota del 2 % es, por otra parte, discutible.
The issue of an additional 2% quota increase is, on the other hand, debatable.
En tal caso, es discutible si realmente necesitamos un proceso de selección.
If that is the case, it is arguable whether we need a selection process at all.
La triple crisis que estamos experimentando muestra lo que es discutible.
The threefold crisis we are experiencing shows what is at issue.
El forme es muy discutible, tendencioso y, nos guste o no, no nos ayudará a avanzar.
The report is much debated, it is biased and, whether we like it or not, it will not help us move forward.
En vista de la falta de criterios mensurables, resulta muy discutible aumentar los fondos destinados a Turquía.
An increase in the funds for Turkey is highly questionable in view of the lack of measureable criteria.
Es discutible, por lo menos, que la IED aporte las tan cacareadas ganancias a los países "beneficiarios".
It is disputable, at the very least, that FDI brings the much-vaunted gains for the 'beneficiary' countries.
Por ejemplo, es discutible si las medidas restrictivas representan una herramienta necesaria y eficaz.
For example, it is questionable whether the restrictive measures represent a necessary and effective tool.
Deseo manifestar que el debate, a todas luces muy interesante, está presentando un cariz algo discutible.
While this debate is, of course, very interesting, I must say it is taking a rather questionable turn.
De algunas se puede decir que eran pertinentes, de otras resultaría discutible.
Some were relevant, others arguably less so.
La cuestión de la cuota es una de las que hacen que el informe resulte discutible.
The question of quotas is what makes the report controversial.
No creo que sea discutible, por lo tanto, que la ampliación del plazo está objetivamente justificada.
So the technical legitimacy of a two-year extension of the time limit is not, to my knowledge, being questioned.
Es discutible y creo que el debate se está inclinando actualmente en contra de esta práctica.
It is debatable and I think the debate is moving against that in modern times.
Este principio, definido por los Tratados de Maastricht y de Amsterdam, no parece discutible.
This principle, set out in the Treaties of Maastricht and Amsterdam, does not seem to be questionable.
Por este motivo, la conveniencia de dicha enmienda parece también discutible.
For this reason, the point of such an amendment also appears debatable.
En nuestra opinión, el ponente ha respondido a esta cuestión de un modo discutible.
In our view, this question was answered very inadequately by the rapporteur.
Una reducción de un uno por ciento en todas las líneas del gasto agrario no es discutible.
A percentage cut in agricultural expenditure in all the lines is out of the question.
Hay que sopesar esa consideración con la discutible cuestión de la seguridad.
You have to weigh up that consideration with the debatable issue about safety.
Esto es grave, porque en el último referéndum el papel de esos funcionarios de la administración pública fue sumamente discutible.
This is wrong because the role of these government civil servants in the last referendum was very dubious indeed.
(FR) El informe de las Sras. Gröner y Smet me permite insistir en un programa de acción discutible.
The report by Mrs Gröner and Mrs Smet gives me the opportunity to look again at a questionable action platform.
Partimos de un principio, que es discutible, pero mientras no se demuestre lo contrario, creo que es demostrable.
We are basing our approach on a principle which is debatable, but without any evidence to the contrary I believe it can be demonstrated.
Siempre es discutible si hemos cumplido con la parte que nos corresponde y si eso es suficiente.
We can always discuss whether we have done our part and whether it is good enough.
Igualmente discutible es la negativa a mencionar de forma explícita la participación del Parlamento Europeo a continuación del programa.
Just as questionable is the refusal to involve the European Parliament explicitly in the monitoring of the programme.

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